Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lone Mother - Build 3 !!!

Hello! I've worked in the last few weeks (a day here... an hour there) on the latest build of "Lone Mother". I wanted to add much more (Bestiality + More missions to 'The Hub' ) but this will have to wait for now...

Some side notes, I've figured that the last build disappointed incest fans, so I decided this build will be entirely on incest. :)
I've figured out a way to add animations quickly so there are 31 NEW ANIMATIONS in this build.
There might be some bugs / glitchens / which I have't noticed yet, it would be cool if you could report about those.

*Scroll down to see what's new*



New stuff

- Fixed 'Load a game' UI

- New scene with Lauren & Michael at the kitchen.

- Additional diary entries for Lauren.

- New scene with Rachel & Michael at the kitchen.

- 2 Scenes of Michael & Rachel at night (In bed)


- Condoms could be bought from Susan at 'The Hub'

- Could now get your reward from Joe (After completing his mission at The Bridge).

- Misc fixes & Adjustments.