Friday, July 21, 2017

Michael's Family - Build 4

Michael's Family - Build 4

Hey! It has been a long time since I last updated.
Anyhow, here's the new build!


New Stuff
- Fixed chuck bug at school, he can be approachable on the next day if Michael didn't manage to befriend him.
- Chuck will now attempt to blackmail Michael's sister if he has her nude pics, which could lead to either hscenes with him or with michael.
- Can now see the lacking relations value whenever denied in an event.
- 3 Chores were added ( Clean room, do homework and take shower)
 And  3 perks that prevent mom from nagging about doing those things.(WIP)
- Etta Storyline added (wip). (Has HScene)

- 3 Different Sex Scenes

hint: michael can unlock more scenes in one of the HScene if he repeats it a few times...


Thursday, June 29, 2017


Hey friends, just wanted to say that I do, still, make progress from time to time, the potentially new build already has like 13 new animations, sister action, chuvk stuff, more....
Plannimg to add a " chore system " which includes cleaning your room / taking a showet / doing homework chores which would satisfy / unsatisfy Jane / make her yell at him / reward him / etc...

If anybody has ideas / suggestions, please feel free to post em'!
Ive already added "comment ideas" as game features in the past! I still dont want this game to be concluded with a full mom sex scene / threesome.

So if you do post, try not to add it to your suggestion =)

Monday, April 3, 2017

Tropical Tide

Tropical Tide

Hi, I spoke before about another concept I wanted to try out of playing as a sea captain in an open world.

I think I might return back to Michael's Family in the meantime, it seems like the most favored project until by now... And I miss working on incest content :)

So I've made a some sort of demo of it:


You might encounter some bugs here and there, but hopefully you'll enjoy playing.
It has ofcourse not even 1% precent of what its supposed to have but it's still something.
(It also contains 4 sexual animated scenes)

How to play:
Move with WASD
To enter an island / location with the ship stand on the glowing circle and press SPACE.
Energy decreases when moving or standing still with the boat, make sure you rest when that reaches a low number, otherwise morale will start depleting.(Can't lose so who cares)
You wouldn't be able to rest if the energy is too high.

The game is inspired by 'Sunless Sea' in it's mechanics,
For now it has 4 locations, Fritz Post', 'Sandless Bay', 'Sandless Bay Lighthouse' and an abandoned uncivilized island.
You can recruit 2 companions, Mary, from Fritz Post Inn and Tom, from the abandoned uncivilized island.
You can trade, do quests, earn reputation, etc...
You can spy on companions while they sleep.

Known Bugs:
The popup panel is bugged
Can't really lose (Should when morale reaches 0.)
Trade can be abused for gold.
Misc errors.


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Another Abandoned Demo

Hello! :)
I know some of you got sick of me abandoning stuff but there's really nothing I can do about it.
So just to clear stuff up once again, I am not doing this for money, I don't plan on getting funded, and I don't plan on spending my entire workday on developing adult games, I do these for fun and publish them so people could enjoy them and give feedback.
So if you are still mad about me not finishing stuff, and feel like you want to stop following this blog because of it, feel free to. I won't blame you, it might be frustrating to play a game while knowing it will never be done.
By the way, I've already returned to developing some of my previous projects from time to time in the past. I am mostly driven by a random impulse over an idea so it ends up looking like that.
Unfortunately, money, is the motive which lets people finish projects completely.
So If I'll ever decide to get a project funded in the future, be sure the funded project would be done completely.

After clearing things up lets continue:

This is a small demo of a project I had in mind to make, I've figured out mid project that even tho' it's real time and everything, the quality of the sex scenes / emotion of characters / speed and quality of story making would be much duller than my previous methods, so I decided to once again abandon it.

Even so, there's no reason not to show off alittle bit, so here is the link:


About the demo:

It's a realtime first person game, planned to be an incest game from the POV of the son.
For now the demo contains just the family house, missing alot of props and an additional older sister.
The NPC's will walk around, change clothing, interact with the environment and stare at the MC.
Only the mom could be interacted and her dialog is pretty empty.

Just a note, after launching the game press on the upper "NEW GAME" button and wait for a while, unfortunately there's no loading screen so the game will freeze for alittle while instead.

Also, on an additional side note, I'll probably continue with a totally different idea I have in mind, if it will fail aswell I suppose I'll return to "Michael's Family".

Feel free to post your thoughts about it, I read almost every comment written in the latest post of this blog.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Any 3D artists / developers?

Hi friends. I've been looking for a 3d artist / experienced person for a small task / help with a demo I have in mind. Contact me here or at .

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Interesting Stuff

Hello everyone!

I stumbled upon this fullscale hotel lately:

It gave me inspiration for a new game, in it.
Creating this demo of fully animated scenes gave me inspiration aswell.
(demo here)
Also, a new game will allow me to add / modify new models, make the game look \ feel different.
So I figured I have a lot of new stuff to work with and making a new game might be a good idea!

As for the details of the game, I'm not really sure, few ideas crossed my mind;

1) Making an incest game in it, focused on the characters (micro) like my other games.

2) A game about a tribe which lives on this island and aims to kidnap all the female tourists in this hotel. (Strategy game of some sort)

3) A game from the point of view of the hotel manager, which spies with cameras and manipulates the people in the hotel to do whatever the player wants. (More of a sim/strategy game)

I suppose there might be even better ideas out there, so suggesting new ones would be supremely helpful!

After figuring out the right concept for the game, I'll post polls which dive in to details.