Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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I would be glad if you could answer this very short survey about my games


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lone Mother - Build 3 !!!

Hello! I've worked in the last few weeks (a day here... an hour there) on the latest build of "Lone Mother". I wanted to add much more (Bestiality + More missions to 'The Hub' ) but this will have to wait for now...

Some side notes, I've figured that the last build disappointed incest fans, so I decided this build will be entirely on incest. :)
I've figured out a way to add animations quickly so there are 31 NEW ANIMATIONS in this build.
There might be some bugs / glitchens / which I have't noticed yet, it would be cool if you could report about those.

*Scroll down to see what's new*



New stuff

- Fixed 'Load a game' UI

- New scene with Lauren & Michael at the kitchen.

- Additional diary entries for Lauren.

- New scene with Rachel & Michael at the kitchen.

- 2 Scenes of Michael & Rachel at night (In bed)


- Condoms could be bought from Susan at 'The Hub'

- Could now get your reward from Joe (After completing his mission at The Bridge).

- Misc fixes & Adjustments.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lone Mother - Build 2

Hello! I've created more content for the 'Lone Mother' game and I thought it could be time to share!

This build turned to be a somewhat darker build. If you don't feel well with rape and imprisonment, feel free to skip it and avoid the "Bridge" location in the game.

(If you wanna see whats new in this version, scroll down, if you prefer not to get spoiled, just download the build.)

**Small Note, the build is archived as a .rar file, you might have to download WinRAR in order to open it. (It's 1/4 the size when packed as .rar)

2nd Build Download:



New Content:

- Lauren (Daughter) now has a diary, hidden in her room. Rachel, could read it when Lauren is not in the room. It gets update from an event to event (Currently gets updated only after Rachel gives her the 'Long Vacation' book.)

- Rachel could now make Lauren like Michael more via conversation at the living room (Random Conv about him)

- Rachel could now make Lauren more attracted to Michael via conversation in the living room (Random Tease Conv) [*Gets unlocked after Lauren gains the "Incestious" trait]

- New Location: Bridge, contains 'The Hub's rival faction 'The Bridge Gang', Rachel could work for them too (And eventually ... - instead.)

- New Location: Canal, for now there's very little to do there.

- 5 New animated sexual scenes!

- Sexual scenes got improved (over other game's scenes) in quality, size (weighs much less), performance (Works much better and faster without flickers / distortion).

Future plans:
Tell me what you think of those future plans,

- More missions for The Hub & Bridge Gang.

- Services from these factions (Which get unlocked upon greater relation)

- Gang war between the two factions (which will end up in one permanently taking over the other)

- Incite Lauren to fuck Michael.

- Combat?

- Mutants / Abominations / Creatures / Animals?

I'd love to hear about ideas for this game, a post apocalyptic / city in siege / incest h-game has alot of potential after all :)

Monday, October 31, 2016

Being Clear About Stuff

Hello, friends and fellow players.
I'm filled with joy to know that you play and enjoy my games. :)

Anyhow, I wanted to say that I won't be creating any patreon account.
Not in the near future anyhow.

Doing so would have me too committed to the projects, my self conscious wouldn't let me sleep unless I've updated enough content in short iterations. Wouldn't feel well with myself letting people pay for nothing.

So not getting in to that, I'm making enough money in life to live pretty well without it. =)

About updates, unfortunately I don't update regularly, even more so I prefer not getting dragged in to these projects too much (Atleast now) mostly because pornographic content is addicting. And might hurt people's social life in some cases.
I wouldn't let mine and I recommend you wouldn't let yours get hurt too. :)

So  because of these reasons I wouldn't update regularly. I might work on a game when I'm sick, or on a boring weekend. But not on daily basis.
I hope you understand and still interested in getting updated at all.

And just so you won't feel too bored in the meantime:


Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mysterful Games

In this blog, I'll post and update the adult games I've developed / Plan to develop.

*Most of them contain incest elements / are very pornographic.
*I never finished any of them, but some of them contain alot of content / pretty close to be finished!
*All of them contain alot of CGs & Animations, and are very far from text adventures.
*Most of them are .rar files, you might need WinRAR to extract them.

I'll add some various pictures from the games in the bottom of this post.

The games which have a build of some sort:

Lone Mother 

This is the project I'm currently working on.
Basically it doesn't have a main story line, yet has somethings to see.
It's about a mother called Rachel, living in a city under siege, in a semi-apocalyptic universe.
The country is in war, her husband left home to fight for the country and never came back.
Now she has to take care of her son, Michael, and her daughter Lauren and live trough this apocalypse.

*The game won't have any "Survival" aspects to it (Michael / Lauren wouldn't die from starvation for example).
*The game might have a combat system.
*The game contains incest content.
*The game is currently in very early development!

Things you can do:
Improve relations with Michael / Lauren.
Let Michael sleep in Rachel's bed.
Give Lauren a book.
Let Michael peek on Rachel in shower.
Inspect characters relations.
Do May's first mission.
Visit the library.

Technical Notes:
The game was only tested on 4x3 ratio, you might find problems with other ratios, (Probably won't).
To open the Relations Window use the R KEY.
To open the Stats / Inventory Window use the I KEY.


Goblin's Strategy Game

It's a strategy game, nameless as the others , built to scale easily.

You for now play as the goblins, it doesnt have too much to do but in the meantime you can attack the only other faction's npcs, the elves. Loot them and enslave them, for now theres only one instance of an elf which you can own and enslave. You can also sell them, fuck them, or let your men fuck them, they have a different animation for their "submission" state, when it's red, they are not submitted and will have a specific sex animation for you banging and other goblins banging, yellow will have it's own anim for those two and green will have it's own anim for those two as well.

Slaves might be virgins, which sell for more gold than not.

They might attempt to escape when submissive and join you when submissive.

Theres also combat, with very few units and special abilities but theres combat.
you can also build structures that will assist your progress.

*Small note, scrolling in this game is done by pressing and dragging with the mouse, thats how you navigate the map and scrollable menus, might be not as obvious as I thought it would be.


This game is about Michael, who lives with his mother, Jane,
and sister, Mary. It's not finished, far from it. Yet still has a lot of content!

Interesting Scenes to aim for:

Mary solo,
Mary solo with bear,
Mary invades Michael's room
Peek on Mary
Massage Jane
Jane solo,
Jane bath with Michael,
Jane exercise with Michael,
Jane public pool with Michael,
Chuck's naughty pictures.


Tell me what you think...

The Long Vacation

It has a blog of it's very own:




You could download the latest build from older posts there.


Post Apocalyptic Justin

Not it's real name, mostly because it never had one.

More details in the link below: