Monday, March 6, 2017

Any 3D artists / developers?

Hi friends. I've been looking for a 3d artist / experienced person for a small task / help with a demo I have in mind. Contact me here or at .

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Interesting Stuff

Hello everyone!

I stumbled upon this fullscale hotel lately:

It gave me inspiration for a new game, in it.
Creating this demo of fully animated scenes gave me inspiration aswell.
(demo here)
Also, a new game will allow me to add / modify new models, make the game look \ feel different.
So I figured I have a lot of new stuff to work with and making a new game might be a good idea!

As for the details of the game, I'm not really sure, few ideas crossed my mind;

1) Making an incest game in it, focused on the characters (micro) like my other games.

2) A game about a tribe which lives on this island and aims to kidnap all the female tourists in this hotel. (Strategy game of some sort)

3) A game from the point of view of the hotel manager, which spies with cameras and manipulates the people in the hotel to do whatever the player wants. (More of a sim/strategy game)

I suppose there might be even better ideas out there, so suggesting new ones would be supremely helpful!

After figuring out the right concept for the game, I'll post polls which dive in to details.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Michael's Family - Build 2 (NamelessIncestGame)

Well, I've figured people wouldn't hold on themselves for long, so here's another build for The Nameless Incest game.

First of all, I've changed it's name to "Michael's Family", just so it'll have a name.
If anyone has a better name in mind, don't be afraid to share.

I wanted to add even more content but figured it'll take a lot of time, so some of this build's new features have some loose ends...

This time, I uploaded it to Mega, instead of google drive. (Too much complaints)


What's New:

Wouldn't be able to sell the cellphone to vendors

Fixed a few bugs...

Continued the scene with the naked mother in the bathroom

Can now visit Mary's School

Can now break into Mary's School Locker room.

Mom might be awake at night in the living-room.

Michael might catch his sister stealing from mom during the day.

Michael can now choose to be "rude" in many scenes.
Which would decrease Michael's relation with his mom.
(Additional path for content)

Michael can tell on his sister (That she stole money)...

Michael now has more to do with Eric & Tom.

Michael can request for things from his mom in breakfast.

New HJ Scene at night...

New HJ Scene with sister

New hot Scenes at the beach.

New Character (Alice)
Can meet her at school and in an additional place.

Can now view and delete messages from phones

Jane will receive a message from someone every week...

Can help mom with her job (So she will start working from home [useless for now])

And some misc stuff I've forgot.

Please inform me of any bug / spoil / glitch you find in the game, it would be very helpful!
 (In this post's comments)


Friday, January 20, 2017


Well, I've added some more content to "Nameless Incest Game", and then figured out its too rushed to sex aswell, so I'll have to remake some of the scenes, anyhow, I'll upload the next update eventually.

Now, about some other thing.
I've spent the day on an experiment, a game which is entirely animated.
Still has some probs and clanks but here's the demo:


And Chuck stars in it :P.
Tell me what you think in terms of immersion, feel, quality, ideas, and so on, I've made this demo so it'll be reviewed by players :)

Some teasing pictures of future content:

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Quick Survey

I would be glad if you could answer this very short survey about my games


Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lone Mother - Build 3 !!!

Hello! I've worked in the last few weeks (a day here... an hour there) on the latest build of "Lone Mother". I wanted to add much more (Bestiality + More missions to 'The Hub' ) but this will have to wait for now...

Some side notes, I've figured that the last build disappointed incest fans, so I decided this build will be entirely on incest. :)
I've figured out a way to add animations quickly so there are 31 NEW ANIMATIONS in this build.
There might be some bugs / glitchens / which I have't noticed yet, it would be cool if you could report about those.

*Scroll down to see what's new*



New stuff

- Fixed 'Load a game' UI

- New scene with Lauren & Michael at the kitchen.

- Additional diary entries for Lauren.

- New scene with Rachel & Michael at the kitchen.

- 2 Scenes of Michael & Rachel at night (In bed)


- Condoms could be bought from Susan at 'The Hub'

- Could now get your reward from Joe (After completing his mission at The Bridge).

- Misc fixes & Adjustments.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Lone Mother - Build 2

Hello! I've created more content for the 'Lone Mother' game and I thought it could be time to share!

This build turned to be a somewhat darker build. If you don't feel well with rape and imprisonment, feel free to skip it and avoid the "Bridge" location in the game.

(If you wanna see whats new in this version, scroll down, if you prefer not to get spoiled, just download the build.)

**Small Note, the build is archived as a .rar file, you might have to download WinRAR in order to open it. (It's 1/4 the size when packed as .rar)

2nd Build Download:



New Content:

- Lauren (Daughter) now has a diary, hidden in her room. Rachel, could read it when Lauren is not in the room. It gets update from an event to event (Currently gets updated only after Rachel gives her the 'Long Vacation' book.)

- Rachel could now make Lauren like Michael more via conversation at the living room (Random Conv about him)

- Rachel could now make Lauren more attracted to Michael via conversation in the living room (Random Tease Conv) [*Gets unlocked after Lauren gains the "Incestious" trait]

- New Location: Bridge, contains 'The Hub's rival faction 'The Bridge Gang', Rachel could work for them too (And eventually ... - instead.)

- New Location: Canal, for now there's very little to do there.

- 5 New animated sexual scenes!

- Sexual scenes got improved (over other game's scenes) in quality, size (weighs much less), performance (Works much better and faster without flickers / distortion).

Future plans:
Tell me what you think of those future plans,

- More missions for The Hub & Bridge Gang.

- Services from these factions (Which get unlocked upon greater relation)

- Gang war between the two factions (which will end up in one permanently taking over the other)

- Incite Lauren to fuck Michael.

- Combat?

- Mutants / Abominations / Creatures / Animals?

I'd love to hear about ideas for this game, a post apocalyptic / city in siege / incest h-game has alot of potential after all :)